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Take control as Amber in this first chapter of Dark Storm and attempt to survive when the Alaskan lab she's employed at is suddenly attacked. Amber can use stealth to out wit her enemies, or use any of the highly detailed weapons to get the job done. The unique dynamic AI scales to how Amber performs and presents personalized challenges. Throughout Dark Storm's immersive storyline, our protagonist finds her way through the rich environments of the lab to find out what went wrong and realizes she is only part of a much bigger plot that is revealed throughout several chapters.


You play as Amber, Security working in a classified laboratory facility near the alaskan border. When your lab comes under attack by an unknown assailant, your main objective becomes survival. Using elements from your environment, escape is crucial, and the odds are against you. But Amber's story is only a small part of Dark Storm. Through episodic content releases, you can explore the whole Dark Storm universe, find out what secrets the government doesn't want to let out, and what your part in all of it is.
Amber Kinsley Age: 27 DOB: 5-17 Birthplace: Denver, CO Prior to her involvement with Irving Dynamics Amber Kinsley was a young soldier who showed great promise. Her quick wit and solid judgment earned her the recognition of many. She was recommended for training with the special operations unit at the Mount McKinley facility in Alaska just months after her initial training. Tension between the United States and the global community prompted the transfer of many candidates to this training ground. Inexperience and immaturity lead many of the younger soldiers in this program, including Amber, to wash out. Coming from a military family this failure weighed heavily on her. After several years of jumping from contract to contract a close friend assisted Amber with obtaining a security position at Irving Dynamics Alaskan facility.


Dark Storm, developed by Fenrir Studios, is a tactical stealth action scifi game. Dark Storm is being developed on the Unreal 3 Engine (thanks, UDK!) by a team of over 50 talented and dedicated artists. The team at Fenrir Studios was inspired by creations like Metal Gear, Crysis, and BioShock. Dark Storm hopes to deliver a unique and enthralling campaign to its audience, with a multiplayer component that will be added after initial development is completed. Welcome to the Dark Storm Universe. There are many features we believe that will make Dark Storm a unique experience. You can review the list below and leave any suggestions or ideas you may have. Features: Clever Girl– Dark Storm is a stealth action shooter. So use your cunning and quick wit to give you the upper hand. Dynamic AI – That scale to each Individual player. There are no difficulty levels in this game. Rich Detailed Environments – Expansive, fully explorable and diverse locations. Expansive Weapons List – Over 43 Weapons planned over the course of 5 Chapters. Episodic Content – Released in chapters for one low base price. Campaign Multiplayer and Coop – to be expected later in development. Dynamic Soundtrack and Professional Composing. Original and immersive story. Tactical aim-sight system. Unique heads-up display. Release Date: TBA Platform: PC and Mac