Developer Video Blog 1 Is Here now!


In this first video blog, Javonni Ortiz (Lead Level Designer), Sonny (Level Designer), Joshua (Lead Concept Artist), Scott (Co-Lead Concept Artist) Joao & Robert (Animation Lead)  & David Parks (Programming) discuss the UDK pipeline and overview progress on the Dark Storm more in depth then ever before

Audio Log: News Report


While building some of the in-game level, the team discovered a hidden audio log within the game world. We have no idea how it got there, but it seems to have something to do with the curious events that lead up to Dark Storm.   Take a listen, let us know what you think! Audio Log #4_In Other News!  Read the Rest…

Dark Storm UPDATE


The Development team meets once a week to discuss progress, delays, bugs, and new ideas.   This week at the Leads meeting, the team discussed in depth the multiplayer aspect of Dark Storm.   Dark Storm expects to have an immersive multiplayer experience for players to enjoy in-between the chapters of the campaign.   Ideas floating around about the multiplayerRead the Rest…

Dark Storm welcomes Chase Bethea to the Team

chase article

The development team welcomes legendary composer Chase Bethea to Dark Storm!   Chase, who’s previous projects include Take 3 Entertainment and Adult Swim, is now composing music and sound effects for Dark Storm.   Check out his previous projects and content here on his website!   Have a question for Chase? Write it in the comments below and have your inquiries answersRead the Rest…